How-Beneficial-is-Couples-Counseling-for-You-and-Your-Relationship 21 Feb 2023
How Beneficial is Couples Counseling for You and Your Relationship

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Every relationship has ups and downs due to various reasons and the relationship between a couple is no different. If you are married or in a relationship, it is very common that you have arguments and fights with your partner once a while but things get serious when these arguments and fights happen on a regular basis. This affects your mental health as well as your physical health and also affects people either living with you or associated with you. When couples are not able to resolve issues in their relationship, they must consult a therapist. Couple therapy in Dubai has become very common these days and we will discuss how this therapy can really benefit a couple struggling in their relationship. 

What is couples counselling?

Counselling for intimate relationships includes couples counselling, sometimes referred to as marriage counselling. It explores any disagreements between the partners, is frequently brief, and concentrates on certain issues. Couples counselling also aims to enhance bonds between partners and increase interactions and communication.

Numerous problems linked to intimate partner relationships can be addressed in couples therapy. This might be problems with one spouse that impact the partnership as a whole, like unemployment, or specific relationship issues, such fighting or having divergent future goals. Couples counselling is also an alternative for couples who wish to improve their relationship but don’t have any particular issues to address.

Benefits of couples counselling

As discussed above, many couples are going for couples counselling Dubai which clearly shows that the counselling has many benefits. Some of the benefits are discussed below

  1. Creates a sense of safety

Couples counselling establishes a secure environment where rules are established and upheld, and a neutral third person monitors the process and can step in as needed. This implies that you may both develop genuine openness and successful communication while also feeling secure.

  1. Helps to see each other’s views

Couples counselling frequently enables two people to start seeing each other’s viewpoints clearly. It’s typical for us to see a relationship solely through the lens of our own experiences. It might be challenging to understand or accept our partner’s point of view because it is our sentiments that really count. Being selfish has little to do with this. Instead, it makes sense to understand our own perspective better. You may try to avoid misunderstandings and instead start to truly understand the source of an issue, if a therapist can assist you in honestly examining both sides of a disagreement.

  1. Helps resolving relationship hindrances

It’s not always about those massive, life-changing choices, though they can become significant hurdles that hinder a relationship from progressing. Arguments about parenting duties, household chores, or laundry may all be as stressful on a relationship and result in a halt that seems immovable. Couples counselling can assist you in identifying the true problem causing these obstacles, dealing with them, and determining whether or not you can overcome them.

  1. Helps gaining each other’s trust

People frequently seek counselling when a relationship has lost its trust. Trust problems might result from infidelity, dishonesty, financial difficulties, or a variety of other factors. Therapy is a fantastic place to express a lack of trust, investigate how it was damaged, practise forgiving others, and then set new boundaries in order to start the healing process.

  1. Helps in improving communication

Couples counselling can assist in the improvement of communication skills so you and your spouse can interact more successfully and productively. Your therapist can ask you and your partner to do a variety of couple’s communication activities.

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