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The children between the age of 5 to 12 years are fit for child psychotherapy. The main therapy sessions occur only between the child and a therapist. It is a three-way street, as the therapist will also guide and assist the parents to deal with the pressures of coping with the worrisome phase and an environment of insecurity. It is a crucial time for parent-child interactions while dealing with the competitive world, socially and academically.

It is the time to work on the confidence of the child while securing the emotional attachment with the parents. Child counseling is specially designed to provide a secure, child-friendly and sensitive environment. Storytelling techniques, play therapy, conversational techniques, are a few ways by which the therapist can build a rapport with the child. It is also a time when the therapist will try to assess the mixed feelings the child is going through and help them get in touch with their feelings. The parents will learn to be equipped with a game plan while dealing with the attention-seeking behaviour of the child, tantrums, school bullying and more. As the best child psychologist in Dubai our aim here is to handle this situation in a productive manner. It is a combined effort put in by the child, the therapist and the parent for creating a strong base for the future while dealing with the present situation in an affirmative environment.

Some of the common issues tackled by the therapist are-

• Mood disorders
• Shyness
• Concentration problems
• Internet and video game addiction
• Parent talk

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