How To Teach Children To Cope With Life’s Challenges 08 May 2023
How To Teach Children To Cope With Life’s Challenges?

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Young children worry about things that stress them out just like adults do. Children may worry about a buddy going away or losing their favourite toy, whilst adults may worry about their job stability or a conflict with their partner. However, just like adults, kids who use healthy coping mechanisms are more likely to overcome their fears, lessen stress, and overcome challenges. And kids who learn these beneficial coping mechanisms have a higher chance of growing up to be resilient, mentally healthy adults. Some kids who do not develop coping mechanisms on their own tend to be depressed and the best way to treat them is to take them to the best child psychologist in Dubai

In this article, we will discuss how you or child psychologists teach children to cope with life’s challenges and help them grow up to become a confident person.

Importance of coping skills in a child’s life

Although nobody wants them, tough events are an inevitable part of life, and coping skills are something we all have so that we could deal with those tough situations. Tough situations could be entirely different for an adult and a child but the impact it leaves on the mind is equal in both. Dealing with tough situations is different and hence the coping mechanism is different too. Helping kids deal with these kinds of anxieties will provide them the coping mechanisms they need to deal with adult-sized issues later in life and will lower their chance of developing mental health issues like depression and anxiety, which are thought to impact one in seven school-age kids.

As parents, it becomes our prime responsibility to carefully watch and observe the tough situations our children are going through and help them deal with every situation if they are not able to do that on their own. Sometimes it becomes difficult even for the parents to understand and help their children to fight against such situations and this is when we must take them to a child psychologist Dubai because if such moments are left untreated or unattended, a child will have to bear the consequences for their entire life by being a depressed and an adult with full of anxiety and rage.

Role of parents in developing helpful coping strategies

By discouraging ineffective coping mechanisms like excessive crying, temper tantrums, blaming oneself, and rage, and supporting constructive coping mechanisms like asking for assistance, saying sorry, and remaining calm, parents may assist children in learning to deal with such difficult situations. 

Encourage kids to talk to an adult about their anxieties when it results in discussions about coping strategies. In fact, studies show that youngsters as young as four and five have an average of 36 ways to describe how they deal with tough situations.

Parents should recognise their children’s sadness and discuss with them various coping mechanisms. Talking to children and supporting them during tough times works wonders for children and helps them in regaining the lost confidence. Adults are usually the role models for children and getting a shoulder to cry during tough situations could be extremely helpful. Also, when children talk to adults regarding their issues, many times they come up with solutions themselves even if parents don’t suggest anything concrete.

Taking children to a child psychiatrist Dubai when things go beyond control is another major responsibility of a parent because psychiatrists are professionals and are able to deal with such things better because they see number of children with such stress and anxiety on a daily basis .

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