How To Reduce Anxiety And Cope With Depression 15 May 2023
How To Reduce Anxiety And Cope With Depression?

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World has recently come out from a pandemic which took millions of lives worldwide and the lockdowns left thousands of people in depression and anxiety. Mental health issues have become very common these days due to hectic lifestyle and extreme work pressure. Not being able to spend enough time with family and friends, being in a toxic relationship or not able to go for a relaxing holiday due to work pressure are some of the common reasons why people are suffering from depression and anxiety. Thankfully some of the mental health issues could be treated by self-help and bringing minor lifestyle changes, but if things go out of hands, you can always contact the best psychologist in Dubai

Difficulties faced during Anxiety and depression

Both anxiety and depression interfere with daily tasks such as sleep disruption, trouble focusing on a specific activity, self-care, becoming frustrated or angered quickly, and lack of enthusiasm in doing things. Anxiety and depressive feelings are like two sides of the same coin. Being sad frequently causes elements of anxiety by making us feel pessimistic that something will go wrong, and being anxious often initiates depression by making us believe that we are not good enough to achieve anything. There are a lot of easy methods for handling sadness and anxiety. It is necessary to speak with a mental health expert if it is either intense or chronic for a few weeks. 

Although recovering from mental health issues is hardly simple or quick, we do have more power than we may be aware of. The crucial thing is to go slowly and deliberately, beginning with routine self-care. Small steps are the things that help the most since they are associated with difficulties. The initial step will be more difficult than we anticipate, but by taking little, manageable steps, we may gradually raise the difficulty, gain greater control, and enhance our general feeling of mental health wellness.

Strategies to cope with depression and reduce anxiety :

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

The most effective way to manage anxiety and depression through the physical mode, which in turn improves psychological well-being, is to start and maintain a healthy lifestyle.Healthy food, getting enough sleep, drinking the recommended amount of water, getting enough sunlight, exercising at least four times per week, and maintaining a regular sleep and eating schedule as much as possible will all contribute to improving mental health.

Practice relaxation

A simple and efficient way to deal with depression and anxiety is to practise relaxation. As deeply and slowly as you can through your nose, inhale. Then, as deeply and slowly as you can through your mouth, exhale. Repeat this process until you feel at ease. Relaxation practise is extremely effective in treating mental health issues and is even recommended by the best therapists in Dubai

Setting simple goals and achieving them

When we experience mental health trouble and are unable to finish or do anything, we feel worse. Setting daily, attainable goals might thereby improve our mood. According to psychotherapist Dubai, even something as simple as bathing or cleaning the dishes counts. We may expand the list of goals as soon as the mood gets better.

Practice grounding

In basic terms, grounding is a series of straightforward techniques that might help us divert our attention away from internal struggles and experiences in order to help us cope with emotional distress. It can be either physical or mental exercise. Our five senses—touch, taste, sight, sound, and smell—can help us focus on the present moment by elevating our awareness of our environment and enhancing our bodily awareness.

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