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Experience the Power of Professional Psychotherapy and Counseling in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Behind the facade of success and achievement, many of us struggle with unaddressed emotions and mental health issues. Whether you’re dealing with anxiety, depression, relationship challenges, or simply feeling stuck in life, seeking professional help can be the key to unlocking your full potential. As licensed psychologists and experienced therapists, we offer evidence-based psychotherapy and counseling services to help you heal, grow, and thrive. With a compassionate and personalized approach, we work with you to develop a treatment plan that addresses your unique needs and goals. From individual therapy to group sessions, we provide a range of services to support your journey towards overall wellness. Discover the benefits of working with the best psychologist in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and take the first step towards a happier, more fulfilling life today.

Individual Psychotherapy

One-on-one therapy is a means to empower your choice to express, confront and experience the changes you wish to bring about to restore your overall wellbeing.

Couple’s Therapy

Sharing insecurities and unattended emotions through open conversations within a couples therapy session helps to rekindle trust, balance and commitment within a relationship.

Adolescent Psychotherapy

Developmental changes in young teens at a transitional age, creates an upsurge of emotional chaos, identity crisis, where therapy aids in guiding and expressing one’s feelings and vulnerabilities.

Child Psychotherapy

We create a compassionate and safe environment to understand the inner world of your child and offer invaluable insight into your child's social, emotional development and mental health.

Approachable & Transformative

Approachable & Transformative

Ask for help-take the first step

The first step is to always refuse to be a captive to your current situation and look for a sense of inner integration. As a psychotherapist we work towards creating lasting change and enable one to adopt positive life experiences. We work towards the thoughts that evoke actions as they seem to blur out leaving a heavy baggage of emotions that are unknown to us. We provide psychotherapy in Dubai, its process is not about a feel good factor but is about maximizing one’s quality of life. Our approach during therapy is to provide customized yet collaborative sessions that aim to empower unique strengths and overall optimal functioning of our clients. With our extensive experience over the years we incorporate varied treatment techniques that simultaneously work to create a behavioral, social and emotional balance.

Approachable & Transformative
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Why us

Don’t suppress but express

Therapeutic environment for a client
Therapeutic environment for a client

“Life is a balance of holding on and letting go” – RUMI

As a best psychologist in Dubai, We offer a safe, confidential and non-judgmental space that is entirely yours in which your experience is valued and respected. We would assist in addressing and overcoming developmental challenges, psychological obstacles and traumatic life experiences.
We do this by creating a therapeutic environment for a client conducive to self examination, to reduce discomfort and conflict, to build resilience and to have an insightful session.

  • Empower Individuals
  • Strengthen families
  • Rise above situations
  • Provide tools to succeed
  • Mental Awakening
  • Emotional Resilience

General Questions

You can either email us, fill out our contact form or call us. Which ever way you are comfortable to get in touch with us.

Psychologists and Psychiatrists provide treatment to individuals with emotional problems.They are both trained to diagnose and treat people with mental health conditions.Typically, a psychologist will have a Master or Doctorate degree and a psychiatrist will have a Medical Degree. Psychiatrist prescribe medications while psychologist have advanced training by providing therapeutic interventions. Both the providers must be licensed in their area of practice.

Technically, Counseling is seen as more short term in nature while psychotherapy is viewed as long term treatment. Counseling is used for life adjustment problems while Psychotherapy is used to treat psychiatric or psychological disorders.

The length of treatment is not one size fits all. It depends upon several variable including the nature ,severity and duration of the presenting complain. Social support system also plays a key role in the progress of treatment. Therefore session varies depending on how the person responds to the treatment. Depending on the progress, a client and a therapist decides on how long the further sessions will be needed.

Sessions are 40-45 minutes. This is considered standard across clinicians. People normally see the therapist once or twice a week. Once again that really depends on the acuteness of your emotional pain and the nature of the identified problems to work on. As you start to make progress, your sessions will reduce gradually.

Mindfulness is your superpower

A sheer awareness about your present and acknowledging your thoughts and feelings in the very moment is what mindfulness allows a person to experience. Mindfulness and psychotherapy work hand in hand which is an essential aspect of our approach as it brings together insight and optimal efficiency.

We are just a call away

Even if you are worried about something that others may think negligible do not hesitate to reach out to us.The question is not always about what others think about your problem but is about how much that problem is causing you worry and immeasurable damage.

About Us

Online Counseling

If you need help then we can be anytime and anywhere you need us to be.

Wellness counseling

An overall quality of life is what we work for to accomplish with you.

Emergency Care

We do not offer any emergency services. We advise you to visit any nearby government emergency department hospital .

Millennial counseling

Exclusive therapy directed to a generation that faces innumerable new age complexes and stigma.

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