Reconnecting the souls

Two different kinds of people come together as a couple; the equation of every relationship is unique. Couples therapy in Dubai sessions for each would be adopted as per their personalities. Adherence to privacy will be maintained and both of them will get an opportunity to confide in their therapist to talk about their problems to help to strengthen their bond further.

Pre-marital Counseling

Pre-marital counseling is a step in the direction to understand the transitory changes that usually happens while accepting new family systems and environments. They will help to devise various approaches to face, communicate and solve issues. Prior awareness will be raised about the common issues and problems that couples go through after marriage, while also providing solutions for the same.

A therapist could help the couple to recognize their strengths, abolish dysfunctional behaviour, and help them to express themselves in a way by which their bond gets stronger instead of growing apart.The major role played by the therapist is this is to assist the couple to create a ground that is based on understanding before entering the union of marriage.

Issues tackled but not limited to:

• Role expectations
• Emotional stability
• Parenting
• Differences in values and beliefs
• Family adjustments

Marriage Counseling

In the fast-paced and demanding world today,couples are facing a lot of stress every day, leading to situations that could create friction amongst them. Some of these factors might include difference of opinion, miscommunication, lack of understanding that the couple might be facing. Marital counseling comes in to identify various issues and create ways and means to bring out changes in behaviour while increasing intimacy between the couple and to strengthen their emotional bond. The goal is to attain a balance while creating a more nurturing, rewarding and satisfying relationship.

Issues tackled but not limited to:

• Trust building
• Healthy communication
• Mutual decision making
• Harmoniously resolving issues
• Gender role fights

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