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Psychologists and Psychiatrists provide treatment to individuals with emotional problems.They are both trained to diagnose and treat people with mental health conditions.Typically, a psychologist will have a Master or Doctorate degree and a psychiatrist will have a Medical Degree. Psychiatrist prescribe medications while psychologist have advanced training by providing therapeutic interventions. Both the providers must be licensed in their area of practice. Technically, Counseling is seen as more short term in nature while psychotherapy is viewed as long term treatment. Counseling is used for life adjustment problems while Psychotherapy is used to treat psychiatric or psychological disorders.

Your first session will be about discussing chief complaints that brings you to see us. You will be assigned to the competent therapist who will be taking indepth interview which will allow us to understand your past and the current situations and how it has affected your areas of life.This assessment will help us to develop a diagnosis and your treatment plan.


While selecting a psychologist it is very important that you should feel comfortable with your mental health expert. We advise you to check the psychologist’s credentials, including both training and experience. During your first session with your therapist, it is very important that you should feel comfortable and connected to your therapist. Do not hesitate to raise any concerns or doubts you have in your first session. It’s the quality of your relationship between you and your therapist that will bring the positive outcome during sessions.

The length of treatment is not one size fits all. It depends upon several variable including the nature ,severity and duration of the presenting complain. Social support system also plays a key role in the progress of treatment. Therefore session varies depending on how the person responds to the treatment. Depending on the progress, a client and a therapist decides on how long the further sessions will be needed.

Sessions are 40-45 minutes. This is considered standard across clinicians. People normally see the therapist once or twice a week. Once again that really depends on the acuteness of your emotional pain and the nature of the identified problems to work on. As you start to make progress, your sessions will reduce gradually.

You can reschedule or cancel your session 24hours notice prior to your scheduled appointment. We have a right to charge otherwise.

Our practice is based on trust, understanding and maintaining clients confidentiality.This means you can share openly to your therapist and your case will not be discussed with any third party without your consent.
There are exceptions to Confidentiality when confidentiality codes may be broken in rare situations.Your therapist will explain it to you before you initiate a therapy and you need to sign a consent form.

We do not offer any emergency services. We advise you to visit any government emergency department hospital.

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