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We aim to influence progress while gifting positive mental health to the people who meet us as clients. Our effort is to give the best care and effective treatment to all our patients. We believe in maintaining a finesse in service with integrity while adhering to strict compliance with all professional regulations.

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“Let’s detangle the intertwined strings in a reassuring zone”


As an expert, our goal is not only to treat clinically ill patients but also to make efforts to spread awareness regarding mental health issues. As a professional set up it is also our duty to remove the stigma related to mental health that is prevalent in society. Mental health we believe is as necessary as the physical one.

The therapies will be tailor-made as per the need of each client, while organically moving through the journey of recovery. An impactful blend of conventional theories aligned with a contemporary approach is the line of treatment. Therapy is an initiative that is taken forward in unison with the client, a way to understand and study the client’s core feelings, thoughts, influences experiences, goals, problems and more.



– You feel trapped, losing the grip

– Feel difficulty in fulfilling everyday tasks

– Being witnessed or are victims of violence, abuse or trauma

– Difficulty in relationship with spouse or family

– Losing the sense of self

– Frequent bouts of fear, anger, restlessness

– Unable to achieve goals, while holding on to negative thoughts or images about oneself.

It is unhealthy to not talk about your problems while letting them multiply inside your mind. Coming to terms with the situation and recognizing the value of the need to take professional help is important. Psychotherapy alone or psychotherapy and medication together many times offer good results. The intensity of the problem will decide the need for each of these options. Take that first step and be the architect of your new world.

Our approach is highly personalized, integrating innovative, evidence-based techniques to help clients achieve powerful change.

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