Ritasha Varsani

About Ritasha

“Empathy and sensitivity is key to connecting with people on a human level.”


RitashaVarsani is a qualified psychologist with more than a decade of experience providing psychotherapy with proof and situation-based services for patients dealing with mental health disorders. She has worked in India for a long span of 10 years evaluating patients and building a better future for each client. She believes that a compassionate attitude and an empathetic approach has helped her heal numerous patients.


Holding a Master’s Degree from California, she specializes in Marriage, Family and Child Therapy and is a CDA licensed psychologist presently practising in Dubai.She is a member of the American Psychological Association, International Affiliate (APA).

She has been trained in “ Applying Hope  to Couple Therapy” approved by APA ( American Psychology Association). Certificate of The Gottman Institute, USA( Level 1 and Level 2 ). Cognitive Behavioral Therapy ( CBT ) for Anxiety from Beck Institute, USA, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). Further trained in “ Introduction to Compassion Focused Therapy” from Tavistock and Portman NHS Institute London and an Advanced Clinical Skills in Compassion Focused Therapy, UK.

Why should you trust?

“Let’s detangle the intertwined strings in a reassuring zone”


‘Approachable, Non-judgmental, Transformative’ are not just words, these are the beliefs based on which she runs the entire practice. She has a series of qualifications and an educational base, this is crucial for the role, sure! But she believes, you are the expert not an expert on your life, not her! She is the tool that you will need to usher a dialogue within. A clinical experience of 11 years, supported by a Masters in Psychology (Marriage and Family Therapy Concentration, USA). As a strong believer in learning, development, and evolution, she realizes the importance of consistent training to be in touch with progressive techniques, industry developments, new ideas, and concepts. While consistently applying this sustained learning to her work, and promoting positive mental health.

As a person and a therapist, she describes herself as a logical and skilled mental health professional with an empathetic attitude. She takes a patient-centered approach, recognizing their strengths while following an individualized and culturally able approach. Mindfulness combined with a compassionate approach has led us to the ladder of success for instigating extraordinary care for high-risk clients in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

Professional Voyage


“The more I learn, the more intricacy, subtlety and proficiency I can bring to a client’s therapy.”

Professionally working for more than a decade, Ritasha has provided an array of psychological services including assessment, evaluation, consultation, and psychotherapy. Heading effective psychotherapy treatment services at individual and group level for patients including children, adolescents, adults, and seniors.

When and Why will you need us to be your mirror?


“Acceptance of your condition is half the battle won”

In the technologically advanced world today, feelings have taken a back seat to some extent, while talking about progress there is still less awareness and more stigma associated with mental health. It is non-negotiable to address any kind of issues faced by an individual, do not let worry or self-doubt hinder your urge to ask for help. While some conditions could be critical to deal with immediately, others, when treated in time, would help you make the needed difference in your life.

Seeing yourself differently is often the first step to living to truly live the life you want.

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