We are glad to share our client’s testimonials.

“ I had zoom sessions with Ritasha on the regular basis to cope with my anxiety. My negative thoughts and over thinking not only affected my mental and physical health but also impacted my work life. With the help of the therapy I regained control over my thoughts and I became more mindful and aware about my present moment. I felt very safe and comfortable in sharing my life events with Ritasha. With her guidance and support I can now cope with my anxiety and I am in a better place” ~ Female ( Anonymous )

“ Me and my husband, both of us approached Ritasha for the couple’s therapy. With our on going fights, lack of communication and resentment towards each other became necessary to see the therapist. After few sessions with Ritasha, we starting seeing a positive change in our relationship. She was very compassionate and respectful while we were going through our hardest times of our relationship. She was non judgmental throughout the therapy and we felt accepted. With her given tools, we saw tremendous improvement in our communication, we learnt ways to minimize conflicts, to work towards shared goals and to keep the friendship alive in our relationship. We are so grateful for the help and support you have given us!” ~ Couple ( Anonymous )

“I was going through a difficult transition in my life and one of my friend recommended me to visit Ritasha. As soon as I met her, I felt very comfortable to talk to and discuss my personal issues to find a better way out. It was always a very engaging and a thought provoking sessions. With her warm, friendly and professional nature, it helped to re-view my relationships with the past, towards myself and others in a more meaningful way.” ~ Male ( Anonymous )


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