Transforming during transition

The teen to adult transitory phase has been acknowledged by the parents, teachers and teens. Along with major physical changes, adolescence brings in a lot of hormonal changes impacting moods, impulses and emotions of the teens. The age between 13 to 18 years has the brain going through substantial developments wherein the teens will quickly reciprocate to positive stimuli and can also get caught in a negative space due to their inclination towards risk-taking tendencies and irresponsible decisions. It is very normal for a teen to be confused, have anger outbursts, be frustrated, irritated because of the chemical reactions happening in their brains. It can also be a difficult phase for the parent-child relationship. We provide adolescent support and counseling services in Dubai that helps in understanding the science behind this can guide the teen and the family to handle the transition in a more productive manner. Encouraging a positive way forward.

Issues tackled but not limited to:

• Peer pressure
• The pressure of academic performance
• Anxiety and depression
• Retaliation and aggression
• Obedience with parental authority
• Illness
• Career goals
• Sense of responsibility

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