Healing Past Wounds and emotional baggage through Individual Psychotherapy 25 Apr 2023
Healing Past Wounds and emotional baggage through Individual Psychotherapy

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Individual Psychotherapy

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It’s no little work to unpack your mental baggage, to be sure. Your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours have probably been shaped by your emotional baggage since you were a young child. As a consequence, these habits have become hard-wired into your brain, causing strong and quick reactions. The way you react to yourself, other people, and your environment is influenced by your emotional baggage since you have thought, felt, and behaved in that way countless numbers of times throughout your life. Emotional habits can be viewed as automatic responses that have been acquired via repeated exposure to events with similar attributes. Thankfully there is way to deal with and heal the past emotional baggage you carry through individual psychotherapy in Dubai and we will discuss this in great detail in this article

What is Individual Psychotherapy?

Individual psychotherapy is the use of psychological techniques to address emotional and personality issues or disorders. In other words, there are treatments that assist in treating emotional disorders in a manner similar to how a doctor would treat a fever or cold. Milder emotional conflicts to serious psychopathologies might all be a part of these issues. As a result, both those who are depressed and those who are having marital problems can seek counselling. People suffering from  Depression, Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Schizophrenia, Trauma, marital problems etc can all take individual psychotherapy.

How can you heal your emotional baggage through individual psychotherapy?

By analysing below mentioned aspects and discussing with a renowned psychologist in Dubai, you can definitely overcome your past and childhood emotional baggage.

  • By identifying what triggers you

Normally, there are events that remind you of unpleasant memories from the past, which are the roots of your emotional baggage. Your unconscious does this by associating a present condition with unpleasant memories. Your limbic system as a result triggers a defensive reaction based on a fight-or-flight response. Hence, you experience a negative emotion (anger, sadness) that is extreme for the situation you are in. You can understand how these typical situations link to your emotional baggage by recognising them.

  • Be prepared with a positive response as a defence

It is really tough to merely change your mood instantly when your emotional baggage is triggered. Your inner animal is now operating in full defence mode, through the associated psychological, emotional, and physical changes. With your understanding of the circumstances that frequently cause your emotional baggage, you may overcome this problem by coming up with a more inspiring alternative response. In other words, you may clearly notice when your emotional baggage is triggered by developing for yourself a healthy psychological, emotional, and behavioural reaction that is explicit and thorough.

  • Convert your positive response into action

You could discover that you continue to react emotionally unhealthily the next time your emotional baggage is awakened. Yet, when you apply your fresh answer to the situation more frequently, you will eventually choose the right path. Also, once you try it and see how much more effective this new response is, it becomes simpler to use it the next time your emotional baggage tries to dominate your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

  • Bring out your positive response

While releasing unpleasant emotions is the main goal of emptying your emotional baggage, it’s also crucial to learn how to feel and express happy feelings. Positive feelings were infrequently experienced as a bad outcome of a childhood that prioritised powerful negative emotions or no emotions at all, thus pleasant emotions are largely alien. You may really replace your old, negative emotional patterns with new, good ones by feeling and expressing pleasant feelings.

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