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Everything You Wanted to Know About Couples Therapy

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Couples Theraoy

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We all know that maintaining a consistent relationship in a marriage for a long term is a tough job and requires a lot of effort. Both people involved in a relationship or a marriage have to participate equally to make this happen or else it will just be a one-sided relationship which will not last longer. Temperament, understanding, emotions, empathy and mutual respect are some of the factors which are essential to keep a marriage going. Couples therapy Dubai aims at strengthening the bond between couples who are either struggling to stay together in a marriage or are lacking the excitement required in the marriage.

Enhancing relationship happiness and conflict resolution between couples are the main goals of couples counselling. The ultimate objective of a counsellor in couples therapy, whether it be in-person or online, is to assist in the development of a healthy relationship and address any potential problems. In this article, we will discuss everything about the couples therapy you ever wanted to know

What is Couples Therapy?

Couples therapy, sometimes referred to as talk therapy, is a type of psychotherapy in which romantically involved couples are worked with by a certified therapist with clinical expertise. Couples therapy is a space where a professional helps couples work through issues, no matter how big or small. Habits that once worked for a couple may change with time and no longer work. Couples go for couples therapy when the issues between them seem impossible to resolve on their own. 

In therapy, partners use a variety of therapeutic methods to increase their relationship satisfaction, settle conflict, and gain insight into their relationship. There might be many problems which a couple might be facing and the therapist addresses and works on each of them to get it sorted. Therapists focus on specific problems like internet addiction, sexual problems, lack of intimacy, jealousy, lack of attraction or any other problem described by the couple. After identifying the problem and establishing the objective, the therapist starts working on them step by step.

The time and effort spent on the couples therapy is totally worth it as a study shows that 97% of couples got the help they needed to continue their relationship. With such a high success rate, the popularity of couples therapy is only increasing everywhere across the world. 

What should you expect in couples therapy?

As discussed above, couples for couples therapy only when they know that their relationship will not survive. There are a lot of questions in their mind and they are very hopeful as well for the result. If you are not sure what to expect in couples therapy, below are the points you must read and understand

First phase- Getting started

The initial therapy session often starts with basic interview questions concerning the history of the relationship. You’ll probably delve deeply into the backgrounds, values, and cultures of each partner as well. If required, the therapist or marriage counsellor may do crisis intervention during the early sessions. The topics that will be the focus of treatment may also be started by the therapist. Setting treatment objectives and the format for each counselling session in this way is successful.

Second phase- Ongoing sessions

Your therapist will assist you in gaining understanding of the factors that are producing issues in your relationship while you are in therapy. They’ll help you and your partner see your parts in unproductive conversations. Your perception of the relationship and each other will alter as a result of your increased understanding of relationship problems and suffering.

Last phase- Outside sessions

While increasing understanding is crucial, altering behaviours is also a key component of couples therapy. Couples therapists frequently give homework to their clients so that they may apply the techniques they are learning in therapy to their everyday interactions.

Advantages of couples therapy

Couple therapy may be an effective technique to change the dynamics of your relationship such that both partners are satisfied, happy, and fulfilled in the union. Couples therapy has other advantages, such as:

  • Helps in improving the communication skills. You get knowledge on productive, healthier communication techniques.
  • Helps to strengthen the relationship. You feel like a member of a team when your relationship is solid. With your partner’s help, you may feel confident and able to handle anything that comes your way.
  • A healthy partnership requires trust. Emotionally focused therapy may help you establish or recover trust in each other, regardless of whether it has been damaged or you haven’t been able to connect on the deep level you want to.

Types of Couples Therapy

  • Gottman method: Even in times of conflict, the Gottman approach may help you and your partner understand one other better. It emphasises closeness and problem-solving abilities. The Gottman technique was first conducted as a workshop, but private sessions are becoming more common.
  • Imago relationship therapy: The emphasis of imago therapy is on childhood events that may have an influence on connections you have as an adult.
  • Motivational interviewing: Motivational interviewing employs four guiding concepts to direct therapeutic sessions: Resist the righting reaction, Understand reasons, Be receptive while maintaining empathy and empowerment.
  • Solutions-focused therapy: When couples desire to successfully settle a specific issue or dispute, solutions-focused therapy may be a valuable tool.

Who Should Consider Couples Therapy?

As discussed earlier, couples therapy is an effective way to not only stabilise your relationship but to give a new excitement and feel. Any couple who is facing difficulty in their ongoing relationship whether it is a 1 month old or 10 years old, must consider couples therapy so that their marriage could be saved. Issues related to Money, Parenting, Sex, Infidelity, In-laws, Friends, Chronic health issues, Infertility, Gambling, Past trauma, Substance use, Emotional distance, Frequent conflict etc could be the cause of dis-satisfaction among the couples and with the help of a good couples counselling Dubai, you can start your old relationship in a new and exciting ways to live a happy and satisfied life.

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