How Covid crisis has changed our mindset. 08 Dec 2020
How Covid crisis has changed our mindset.

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COVID Crisis – A Game Changer

In the time of social distancing, we are dealing with the basic human urge to socially connect with fellow human beings daily. Breaking all ties with our social connections can take us down a lonely path. This could increase the risks of mental diseases such as depression and other critical physical ailments.
Hence, many people in lockdown are now experiencing what is clinically referred to as “cognitive dissonance”. This usually happens in circumstances when people experience mental discomfort for having conflicting thoughts and feelings. The feeling of isolation is daunting and it is becoming difficult to be “locked down”. It is human for a person to attempt to lessen the discord for maintaining their mental comfort.

People are making efforts to survive with psychological dissonance in various ways. Many countries are in denial and claim that they are virus-free. Some countries, like the USA are agitated and are holding protests against the same.
In the new world, most people have survived by adapting to the new customs of living, a lot supported by contemporary technological advancement. An enormous array of virtual social happenings are now taking place like board games, yoga sessions, collaborative creative activities, and more.


History has proven that humans can be socially unified during a crisis, and coronavirus is the face of a common enemy. On a positive note,research has suggested that looking in the face of a common risk, can bring a communal sense of oneness, leading people to forget their differences and together face the challenge.

Information Source – World Economic Forum

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